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Days Inn Titusville, Florida

This is the Days Inn on hwy 50 west of I-95 in Titusville, Florida.

Jay Patel the owner was so glad he had put on a metal tile roof. Jay really likes the tile look.

Metro Tile™-II Lightweight roofs delivering heavy-duty performance.
Metro Tile™-II is finished with an attractive stone coating embedded in a UV resistant acrylic
polymer for a lasting bond to the 26-gauge *Galvalume® steel covered with
100% acrylic over-glaze. Metro Tile II Brochure

Purchase with Confidence All Metro products provide heavy-duty warranty
performance, from 120-mph winds to hail impact and fire resistance. Take a look at today’s steel
roofing and select from a wide range of earth-tone colors to suit your home. For years we’ve been a
leader in the design and production of quality stone coated steel roofing, producing a roofing
product that is of high quality and affordable.
• 50-Year Limited Warranty (Prorated & Fully Transferable)
• Walkable (26-ga., 55% Al-Zn coated sheet steel)
• Lightweight (1.5 lbs/sq. ft.)
• Class-A Fire Rated (Non-combustible roof covering)
• 120-mph Wind Warranty (Engineered for FL & TX High Wind Coastal regions to withstand 150-mph)
• Hail Impact Warranty (UL 2218 Class-4 rated)

Days Inn on hwy 50 west of I-95 in Titusville, Florida

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